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Individual Lessons

TEST BOOSTER COURSE | 15 hours' in-car tuition | £656

For those who are nearing test standard and just need a short burst of lessons.  Also ideal for those who attempted the test a while ago but haven't had lessons since.

How many lessons you'll need depends on many factors.  These include your motivation, your natural ability, if you've had any relevant past experience and if you're able to get any extra practice between lessons.


I use a structured teaching method that's been praised by road safety officers, the Department for Transport, the police and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.


This system gives the best possible chance of passing your test first time while ensuring you're equipped for a lifetime of safe driving.

How soon can I pass?

All the course prices below include a two hour

assessment lesson and a practical driving test.

SEMI-INTENSIVE COURSE | 30 hours' in-car tuition | £1198

Spread over two or more weeks, this is the most popular and successful form of intenstive training.  It's designed for people who want to pass their test quickly but at a comfortable pace.

1 WEEK COURSE | 30 hours' in-car tuition | £1223

Identical in content to the semi-intensive course above, except that it would usually

start on a Sunday or Monday and finish on the Friday.

Ideal for those in a hurry and who couldn't otherwise

find the time.

MIDWAY COURSE | 20 hours' in-car tuition | £833

Designed for those who have already learned

the basics of driving.


Individual lessons are £40 per hour. Or £39 per hour if you pay for 10 hours' tuition upfront.


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